10 Baltimore Ravens players whose stock is skyrocketing this preseason

Players on the Baltimore Ravens roster are moving up the depth chart, or ensuring their spot on the top 53.
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Charlie Kolar, Baltimore Ravens
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7. Charlie Kolar progressed in a major way for the Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens sat both Mark Andrews and Isaiah Likely down for this game. That meant that it was time for the team to get a big dose of Charlie Kolar. Kolar dropped a pass early into the game but finished strong with two catches for 61 yards. One catch went for 33 yards while the other went for 28 yards.

Kolar did exactly what he did at Iowa State, which is split the seams. Josh Johnson hit him in the right spot, and he made big plays over the middle of the field. This could be a huge addition to the Baltimore Ravens, and this is why the team drafted him before Isaiah Likely.

Kolar did not have his rookie season due to the injury, but now he is healthy and showing that when he gets going, he could be as talented or even a bigger target down the field compared to Likely. It will be interesting to see his usage moving forward. First, how much work does he get in preseason game number three? The Ravens will probably want to work him in a ton. If that goes well, does it lead to the Ravens getting him on the field more in the regular season?