3 Baltimore Ravens players who took advantage of extra playing time week 18

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1. The Baltimore Ravens saw two quality games from Ben Cleveland 

The 2023 season was supposed to be key for Ben Cleveland. While it did not go as expected, he did finish 2023 with good vibes and the thought that the 2024 season could be a big one. Cleveland thought he was going to be competing for the starting left guard job, but he spent his summer backing up Kevin Zeitler as the backup right guard. This went on all season.

Fortunately for Cleveland, Zeitler has been injured over the last two weeks. It was a great chance to rest Zeitler and also get a long look at Cleveland. Cleveland has been excellent in the last two weeks. 

What is more impressive is knowing Baltimore played two playoff defenses. Cleveland saw guys like Christian Wilkins and Cam Heyward in back-to-back weeks and stood up to the challenge. 

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The Ravens have a big debate this offseason with Zeitler. At his age and health status, they may want to have Cleveland step into the starting job at a much cheaper cost. The last two weeks have definitely made that thought closer to reality.