3 Baltimore Ravens players who are trending down heading into the bye week

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1. The Baltimore Ravens' health is starting to become a question 

The Baltimore Ravens started the year with their typical health questions, but as they got hot over the middle portion of the year, the team has maintained solid health. That is until recently. Some of this could be precautionary because the Ravens wrapped up a lot, but they also were missing plenty of players against the Miami Dolphins. Some players had serious injuries against the 49ers that have taken time to heal.

Kevin Zeitler has a knee and quad injury, Marlon Humphrey has a calf injury and Kyle Hamilton has a knee injury. All three missed the Miami game due to these injuries, so they are not that minor. Three weeks off is major, and they will all most likely play, but their status is not as strong as it was on Christmas. 

Zay Flowers sat due to rest in week 18, but he probably could not have played even if the Ravens needed the win. He had a calf injury. With Oweh and Stone dinged up in week 18, this is not the healthiest that the Ravens have been. 

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Will the extra time get them just healthy enough for the playoff run, or are these injuries more serious than the team wants to lead on?