5 Baltimore Ravens players whose play has been trending down

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The Baltimore Ravens are sitting at 9-3 at the bye week. A late-season bye week with all those wins racked up could lead to great success. Some players needed the bye week more than others because their play has declined. 

Who has been trending down the most in recent weeks?

5. The Baltimore Ravens are not getting the same Geno Stone in recent weeks 

This was not surprising, but it is still a disappointment nonetheless. Geno Stone was playing so well earlier in the season that there was nothing he could do but decline. However, the addition of Marcus Williams has expedited how quick his fall-off will be. 

Stone was playing the free safety role in replacing Williams, so when Williams plays, it takes Stone out of position as the strong safety. His play obviously declined. 

According to PFF, Geno Stone had a 53.7 grade in games when Marcus Williams started, and it was 86.7 when Williams was out and Stone played free safety. His run defense goes from 41.6 to 56.8, and his coverage grade goes from 58.6 to 89.4. 

Stone has six missed tackles in 249 snaps with Williams on the field. He has four missed tackles in 411 snaps without him. Also, five of his six interceptions have come in games where Williams is out. 

It is no coincidence at this point. There is a six-game sample of Stone with Williams and without him, and the splits are real. Stone has not recorded an interception, and he has had three missed tackles in the last three games since Williams returned. What can the Ravens do during the bye week to get Stone back on track now that Williams is healthy?