Top 3 reasons Baltimore Ravens can make an NFL playoff run in 2023

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Baltimore Ravens, Ronnie Stanley
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2. Baltimore Ravens may be healthier than ever

One of the biggest issues for the Baltimore Ravens in recent seasons has been the health of the roster. Whether it be the start or the end of the seasons the Ravens cannot seem to get everybody on the same page at the right time.

Lamar Jackson is a big part of those names, and the last two seasons ended with failures due to his injuries. Still, he is not alone. Rashod Bateman has missed time in his only two seasons. J.K. Dobbins missed about a year and a half of his three-year career. Ronnie Stanley has been struggling to get back into the mix.

Those are just a few of the names, and those are some of the most valuable players on the roster. So, it would make sense that the last few years were not as promising.

This year, Dobbins and Stanley are not spending an offseason rehabbing, but rather training to improve. Neither has done this in about two years. Jackson and Bateman missed the end of the season, but they are both healthy as of now. So, they will enter training camp without any serious questions, and that was not the case at this point last year.

Considering the Ravens still made the playoffs last year, and the roster could be a lot better, this could be a chance for a serious run.