5 Baltimore Ravens under the most pressure in 2023

Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports
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Every season every player is under pressure. They do not say that NFL stands for Not For Long for no reason. Any player can see their career come and go if they do not pay attention. However, for some players, there will be more expectations than others. The Baltimore Ravens have plenty of players facing key seasons.

Who are five players that may be feeling the heat in 2023?

5. Rock Ya-Sin is feeling pressure from all angles

By all accounts from OTAs and minicamps, the competition in the Baltimore Ravens secondary is more about the slot and who will be the outside backups. Rock Ya-Sin is expected to start week one. Still, while the pressure may not come immediately, he knows it is on him.

Ya-Sin did wait until after the draft, knowing the Ravens could have easily added a cornerback high, and took his job. However, when they took Zay Flowers, Rock Ya-Sin was in.

Still, being a free agent that late in the process and knowing his job is shaky based on the draft speaks to his status. His starting spot is secure but not locked. What is so interesting is the long list of names brought in to compete. Jalyn Armour-Davis is in his second season; they drafted Kyu Blu Kelly, signed Trayvon Mullen, and still have guys like Daryl Worley from last year.

So, if he makes a mistake, there is not just one name vying to knock him down; there are a bunch. More than that, more names have the potential to rise up over him after having a great summer. Who knows who will start by the end of the summer, let alone the end of the season, It may have been the best deal that Rock Ya-Sin saw, but it is still not a steadfast lock to start.