3 Baltimore Ravens primed to make their first All-Pro

Two second-year performers could make the All-Pro in 2023
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It is always fun to see a player break out and get recognized for his play. Nothing signifies this more than an All-Pro honor. When a player gets an All-Pro for the first time, it can feel like they finally have been solidified as an elite player. We have seen players like Ronnie Stanley, Marlon Humphrey, Lamar Jackson, and Roquan Smith earn this honor already. Who are some players who could join them this year?

3. Marcus Williams is primed to make the All-Pro for the Baltimore Ravens

When the Baltimore Ravens signed Marcus Williams, they had All-Pro expectations. However, early in the year, Williams was sidelined for six games, and that essentially ended any hope of an All-Pro season. Still, Williams ended up having an excellent season when he was on the field, and if his sample size was just a little bit bigger, he would have started to hear his name in the mix.

Beyond Williams being excellent last season, he also has reasons to think he will be better in 2023. First, he is the same defense for the second year. It was all new, and he had to come in during the middle of the season and pick things back up on the fly. Now, he has known it all for a year, and he was in all of the meeting rooms, so the language and additions to the playbook are run through him as well.

Mike MacDonald also was a college coordinator, and it looked like he found his footing as the year went on as well. Now, he may be better in year two, and putting his players in a position to take advantage and make big plays.

Lastly, the defense turned around dramatically when Roquan Smith was added. The combination of Smith making the unit stronger, Williams playing more comfortably, and MacDonald calling plays to their strength more is going to equal bigger and better plays. This, combined with a full season of health from Williams, should equal Williams in the All-Pro conversation.