3 Baltimore Ravens primed to make their first All-Pro

Two second-year performers could make the All-Pro in 2023
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Baltimore Ravens, Kyle Hamilton
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1. Kyle Hamilton may make the All-Pro soon for the Baltimore Ravens

While Marcus Williams is the more likely safety candidate to get his first All-Pro nod, the Ravens could easily see both of them in the mix. Marcus Williams is the deep safety and could make it by being the center fielder who creates turnovers. Kyle Hamilton can make it by stuffing the stat sheet as a jack of all trades.

He was great in the slot last season. He will now be playing more in the box as a strong safety. Still, the Ravens will be asking him to do a little of box. If fans start to see him making plays in the box and then defending slots and tight ends down the field, his stock will start to rise.

Mike MacDonald has a full year to get the most out of Hamilton. He could be a player that teams gameplan around. When you add that to the reality that he could be someone who gets tackles, and interceptions, but also forced fumbles, tackles for loss, and passes broken up. If the stat sheet is that full across the board, you cannot discount the media giving him the credit immediately.

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Kyle Hamilton is more likely to make the All-Pro team further down the line, but he may start to get on the radar this year.