3 Baltimore Ravens primed to make their first Pro Bowl

The Baltimore Ravens have some players primed to breakout and make their first Pro Bowl

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The Baltimore Ravens have a chance to make some big things happen in 2023 if things start to break right for the team. However, they will need some big performances from players who have not been that stellar or in as big of a role as before.

Who are some players that have never made the Pro Bowl but could end up being better in 2023, leading to their first selection?

3. Is it time for the NFL media to recognize Tyler Linderbaum?

This one is pretty easy. A lot of the reason that Tyler Linderbaum did not make the Pro Bowl comes from the idea that he was a rookie, after all. The Pro Bowl is a popularity contest, and while some rookie skill players get their faces out early, the rookie center is hardly the name everyone instantly knows.

However, the first-round center who works out is usually a player that fans know as far as ten years down the line because he is still paving the way. That is what Linderbaum could become. Of course, more than that is the idea that Linderbaum struggled at times, as any rookie would, and some of his worst moments came in national spotlights.

Still, that was his rookie year, and now big things are in store for the second season of Tyler Linderbaum. He spent a year putting on muscle in an NFL weight room, and now we can see how the offseason plan looks.

Linderbaum has the potential to make some highlight-worthy blocks, especially when he can move in space, and it can remove the taste of any games last year rather quickly. If the Ravens are winning, Linderbaum has a few highlights, and the fans look to the first-rounder in year two and think he is a key reason he will get the national votes quickly.