3 reasons Baltimore Ravens may move on from Tyler Huntley in 2023

The Baltimore Ravens are changing offenses, does that mean a potential new backup quarterback?
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Tyler Huntley, Baltimore Ravens
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2. Baltimore Ravens can save salary cap space

It is not a lot, but the Baltimore Ravens have to consider every penny now that they want to put together the best roster around Lamar Jackson, while Jackson is high on their salary cap. So, with that said, if the team could save a few pennies by moving on from Tyler Huntley, that may be the best case for both sides.

Tyler Huntley will cost $2.63M against the salary cap. Josh Johnson will be $1.1M against the cap, and Anthony Brown will be $870K. So, if they keep Johnson and Huntley, it will be $3.74M against the cap. Meanwhile, if they keep Johnson and Brown, it would be slightly under $2M.

Huntley and Brown would be about $3.5M. So, the cheapest combination by far would be the combination of Brown and Johnson. Yes, it is only about $2M in savings, but that can add up in the long term. The question is how much better Huntley is than Johnson. If the two are close, the decision gets even easier.