3 reasons Baltimore Ravens may move on from Tyler Huntley in 2023

The Baltimore Ravens are changing offenses, does that mean a potential new backup quarterback?

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1. Does Tyler Huntley fit what Todd Monken wants?

It has to be interesting to note that once the Baltimore Ravens added a new offensive coordinator, they now have a veteran pushing Huntley in training camp. It could be the playoff loss, and it could be his recent play that not only has the organization souring but also the new offensive coordinator.

One thing we know about Monken is that he wants to throw the ball and he wants to spread things out and push the ball down the field. That is not the system that Hunltey has ever played in, and it does not fit his skill set. To be fair, it is not like Johnson and Brown fit like a glove.

However, Johnson is more familiar with the scheme than Huntley and has been in more pass-centric offenses. Brown is more physically talented at pushing the ball down the field, and there is more to unpack with him. In both cases, you could see Monken drawn to their skills over Huntley.

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This is essentially the icing on top. If it is close, the team is going to choose to move on from Huntley, and Monken may be just the person to ensure that it is close. Of course, he will not purposefully have Huntley lose, but if the offense is going to make him look bad and make the others look good, it is easy to see them creeping up on him, and the couple of million in cap space may get enticing.