Rex Ryan absolutely lost his mind over the Ravens loss on 'Get Up': "Stupidest game"

He might be a little crazy, but the man's right.

Baltimore Ravens, Rex Ryan
Baltimore Ravens, Rex Ryan / Frederick M. Brown/GettyImages

The aftermath of the AFC Championship Game is going to take a while to get over, especially with the way the Baltimore Ravens chose to attack Kansas City in this one.

It was a tight game, for the most part, with the Ravens of course losing by a score of 17-10.

What no one can figure out is why offensive coordinator Todd Monken went so pass-heavy on Sunday afternoon, and one particular analyst and former head coach was especially upset about it.

Rex Ryan went on ESPN's "Get Up" and lost his ever-loving mind over the lack of common sense displayed by Baltimore's offensive coordinator.

Rex Ryan was beside himself, yet spot on about the Ravens' game plan in the AFC Championship Game

"This is the stupidest game plan I have ever seen," Rex began.

First of all, let's choose to ignore the fact that Ryan was unable to recall the name of Baltimore's offensive coordinator, Todd Monken.

Rex did do his best to give some credit back to Greg Roman, who had received much of the blame for Baltimore's offense coming up short over the last couple of years, but he couldn't remember Monken's name within the same thought.

"Greg Roman, every single person needs to apologize to you, cause you got blamed for everything about what was wrong in Baltimore, and it wasn't you. This, this new guy that we, uh, uh, praised the hell out of ..." Rex sputtered before Ryan Clark helped finish his sentence and jog his memory.

Okay, it's always fun to pick on Rex. He can be an easy target. However, Rex is also onto something here. He has a very valid point; a point that Ravens fans are still just as confused about.

The Ravens were the NFL's leading team on the ground in 2023, and the fact that Monken decided it was fine to hand the ball of only six times to running backs in the game against Kansas City is completely unnacceptable. It is unnacceptable and, for lack of a better term, lunacy.

This ended as a one-score game. There is no world in which a one-score game ends with the losing team dropping back over 80 percent of the time. Sure, eight of Jackson's drop-backs ended in him running the ball. But, if the game plan was really to throw the ball that much, Monken isn't ready for the big stage.

In short, Rex was right. He might have flown off his rocker, a bit, but he was right.

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