3 Baltimore Ravens who can right back on track at Arizona Cardinals

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The Baltimore Ravens are coming off a statement win against the Detroit Lions, and they have a big game against the Seattle Seahawks on deck. So, for some players, this could be a letdown spot. However, for others, this could still be a positive development. The Ravens are a team that is just getting healthy and trending up at the right time. Some players will use this game to get back on track. Which players are we looking for their best form on Sunday?

3. The Baltimore Ravens wide receivers need to explode at the Arizona Cardinals

If one area of the Baltimore Ravens offense has been a disappointment, it is the wide receivers. Namely, it has been Odell Beckham and Rashod Bateman. Granted, both of them have been hurt, and both have taken some time to get back into the swing of things. More than that, both are coming off of the best game of their season.

Still, that is just 49 yards for Beckham and 36 yards for Bateman. That is not very impressive. This week, they get their best matchup yet, and they are healthier than we have ever seen both of them. This could be a sign of a breakout.

The Cardinals benched rookie Kei'Trel Clark for Starling Thomas, and they have a safety starting in the slot right now. They have been getting burnt through the air all season, and they are just throwing things out there to see what sticks. If the Baltimore Ravens do not get the best games of the season from both Bateman and Beckham there are going to be signs of concern.