3 Baltimore Ravens who can right back on track at Arizona Cardinals

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Baltimore Ravens v Tampa Bay Buccaneers, John Simpson
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2. The Baltimore Ravens interior line needs to show up at the Arizona Cardinals

The Baltimore Ravens offensive line is starting to come together around the same time that their wide receivers are getting healthy. After losing Tyler Linderbaum, Ronnie Stanley, and Morgan Moses during separate times in the first five weeks the team has been healthy for two straight games. However, while the center and both tackles have been shuffling, it is actually the other two linemen who have been issues this season.

Kevin Zeitler is having the worst season of his career. The Ravens did not want to extend him this offseason because they were worried about his age and the potential fall off of his play. So far, they have proven to be right. They have proven to be wrong on John Simpson, though. They thought he could be a starter after he failed with the Baltimore Ravens, but he has been a huge letdown after essentially being handed the job in training camp.

Fortunately for these two, they get one of the weakest defensive lines in the NFL. Their interior front consists of Dante Stills, a rookie taken on day three, Jonathan Ledbetter, and Leki Fotu, a couple of depth pieces that were from the past regime, and then Kevin Strong and Roy Lopez, two journeymen who have bounced around the NFL. This is about as bad of an interior that you will see. If the Ravens cannot see Zeitler and Simpson plowing people over in the second level, there are going to be issues. These two should keep Lamar Jackson clean as they attempt to get back on track for the rest of the season.