Robbie Gould calls Justin Tucker the greatest kicker of all-time

One future Hall of Famer praised another on Tuesday afternoon.

Baltimore Ravens, Justin Tucker
Baltimore Ravens, Justin Tucker / Todd Olszewski/GettyImages

This week is all about Super Bowl LVIII, which of course, the Baltimore Ravens came oh, so close to reaching. But, for football fans alike, it's a big week.

I'm sure many Baltimore fans are rooting for San Francisco after the Ravens were knocked out by Kansas City in the AFC Championship Game, and one former 49er took some time to sit down with FanSided's very own Stacking the Box podcast.

For Ravens fans, this is an interview you want to see, and can check it out here. Fast forward to the 21:50 mark where Hall of Fame kicker Robbie Gould first appears.

Of a few questions asked, Gould was first asked about a memorable kick in his career.

"It's weird, because I can't like just pick one ... if I had to pick, I think one of my favorite kicks is the Green Bay playoff kick from two years ago in the divisional round ... zero degree weather. 45 yards. That was significant to me because I know what it meant to Chicago Bear fans, but I also know what it meant to the Bay Area to get to the NFC Championship," Gould said.

The big question came next, though, when Gould was asked by Arrowhead Addict's Sterling Holmes about who the G.O.A.T. kicker would be, in his mind.

Robbie Gould thinks Justin Tucker is the greatest kicker in NFL history.

"Justin Tucker is probably the best kicker to ever play the game. He's got a lot of intangibles of power and accuracy, which, you know, like I'm not a power guy. I was more of an accuracy guy ... he had both, which is unique to see."

Tucker is still a hot topic amongst all football fans after what transpired prior to the AFC Championship Game, of course. Whether you take Tucker's side or the Chiefs' side of things, the incident seemed to ignite some bad blood between the two teams.

As for Gould's comments, though, he's not wrong. And, this is high praise coming from one of the greatest kickers this league has ever seen. Gould made the 8th-most field goals in league history, and of all kickers in the top 10 of field goals made, he owns most accurate leg coming in at 86.5 percent for his career.

Tucker, meanwhile, is 15th all-time in field goals made and sits atop the field at no. 1 in terms of accuracy, with a career percentage of 90.2.

Gould will see his name enshrined first in Canton, but Tucker will not be far behind once he decides to call it a career.

Robbie Gould made an appearance with FanSided on behalf of DiGiorno