2 Baltimore Ravens players who should have an expanded role in 2023, and 2 who should not

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Baltimore Ravens, Isaiah Likely
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1. Isaiah Likely will have a hard time finding work for the Baltimore Ravens

A minor loser from all of the excitement at wide receiver has to be Isaiah Likely. Likely is an interesting spot where he produced last season as a rookie, which is mighty impressive for a tight end. However, when Demarcus Robinson is the best wide receiver on the team, it does get easier to ascend up the depth chart.

Still, despite no wrongdoing of his own, the Ravens' wide receiver depth chart now has him a lot further down the totem pole. He is not going to beat out Zay Flowers, and Odell Beckham, and if Rashod Bateman was healthy last season, Likely would not have been as productive.

Beyond all of that, with Todd Monken, you expect to see more versatility in his personnel packages. This does mean that Likely will see the field plenty in the heavy tight end looks, but also that the Ravens will spread things out with their wide receiver depth a lot more than in the past. Even someone like Nelson Agholor could suck a target or two out of the hands of Isaiah Likely.

This could be a weird situation where Likely gets better as a player, but no one talks about it because his stats go down across the board. He just is not the priority on the offense anymore. Still, if he can become more efficient when he does touch the ball, his limited role could provide more value.

This will be an interesting balancing act as the Ravens want to see him improve, but they also know that they have better options on the roster.