Baltimore Ravens roster ranking: No 82: DL Kai Caesar

Margaret Kispert/The Register / USA

The countdown until the Baltimore Ravens head to training camp is on. While we wait, we will countdown the Baltimore Ravens roster. These players are currently signed to the 90-man roster, and how vital their impact will be on the 2023 season.

We are getting out of the bottom ten soon as we get to number 82. Today, we are discussing rookie UDFA DL Kai Caesar.

Baltimore Ravens roster ranking: No 82: DL Kai Caesar

Kai Caesar was signed this offseason from Ohio. Caesar spent five seasons at Ohio, taking advantage of the MAC not having much of a 2020 season and gaining an extra year of eligibility. Beyond that, he did not redshirt and got on the field as a true freshman in 2018. Still, Caesar went undrafted, partly because of playing in the MAC.

Also, he does bring much pass-rushing upside, and he tested as a bit of a stiff athlete. Still, when you look at his profile, how he played at Ohio, and the Baltimore Ravens defensive front, you tend to think that his path to the roster is at nose tackle.

The Ravens have both Michael Pierce and Travis Jones in that role at the moment, so the thought would be that he would be third in line. Looking at some of the third string options, you would assume that Trey Botts is the 3-technique, Rasyhad Nichols is the 5-technique, and thus Caesar is third in line at the nose.

On the one hand, it shows that he will not make the roster. Either Pierce or Jones is steep competition at backup nose tackle. However, Pierce has proven to be injury prone over the last couple of years, and Jones is still unproven in his second season. However, that may just mean that the Ravens will sign an outside free agent for insurance rather than trusting Caesar at this stage of his career.

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There is at least an outside shot that a strong camp gets him into roster consideration. Still, the best bet for Caesar is spending a year on the practice squad, watching the Baltimore Ravens move on from Pierce, and then stepping in behind Jones next year.

That is what keeps him in the 80s for our ranking.