Baltimore Ravens roster ranking: No. 79 WR Mike Thomas

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The Baltimore Ravens are in the offseason, where little roster movement happens. So, it is an excellent time to examine the entire 90-man roster and see where each player fits in. To do that, we will be ranking the Ravens' entire roster from 90 all the way down to number one. We made it through the 80s and will break into the 70s.

Baltimore Ravens roster ranking: No. 79 WR Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas was the Rams' sixth-round pick back in 2016. He has been stuck in the NFL this long. Even over the past three years, he has found a home on the Cincinnati Bengals depth chart. The Bengals' depth chart has talent but is not the deepest group in the NFL. Still, he had 132 yards in 2020, 69 yards in 2021, and then 38 yards last year.

Those are not mindblowing stats, but this is an NFL player, so that is a pretty low ranking for him, sitting at number 79. Thomas may be looking up at a steep depth chart, though.

The Ravens added some big names this offseason in Nelshon Agholor, Zay Flowers, and Odell Beckham. All of them are locks to make the roster. When you assume that Rashod Bateman is healthy and Devin Duvernay remains due to special teams, the seats fill up quickly.

James Proche and Tylan Wallace are mainstays, and even one is likely looking at losing their job. Then, there are other offseason additions such as Andy Isabella and Laquan Treadwell, who we will get to later.

You could probably make the case that Thomas should be right with those two, if not higher, and that draft pedigree still pushes those two over the sixth-rounder. Still, all of them are long shots to make the roster. If Isabella or Treadwell did, they probably showed more upside than Thomas. If Thomas makes it, it is because no one else flashed, and he was consistent enough.

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Beyond that, with his NFL experience, he seems unlikely to stick on the practice squad, and he may find a job elsewhere come September.