Baltimore Ravens 2023 roster ranking: No. 62 Kristian Welch

Will Kristian Welch make the Baltimore Ravens roster in 2023?
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

We are counting down the Baltimore Ravens roster and looking at which players will have the biggest impact on the 2023 season. As we get closer to number 53 on our list, we are still focusing on which players may be able to crack the roster this summer.

Today, we are down to number 62.

Baltimore Ravens 2023 roster ranking: No. 62 Kristian Welch

Kristian Welch has been with the Baltimore Ravens since 2020 after catching on as a UDFA from Iowa. Over his three years with the team, Welch has 46 snaps on defense. However, he has stuck around almost precisely because he has 888 snaps on special teams over that same time span.

Last season, Welch had 336 snaps on special teams. So, he seems to be involved in a role that would stick him inside the top 53. Why does he stand outside now? Two big reasons. First, the Baltimore Ravens drafted Trenton Simpson. He is a long-term replacement for Patrick Queen, but in the short term, he will need to take those special team snaps away from someone like Welch.

More than that, Josh Ross is coming back from injury. Ross appeared to be ahead of Welch when the season started, but he suffered a season-ending injury after his first two games. So, the team relied on Welch as they were much thinner in September of 2022 compared to the projection of September of 2023.

So, the Ravens will be pushing some guys down the depth chart, and Welch could easily be that guy. He has a role on special teams but has not set himself apart. The Ravens also do not trust him on defense, and they have made that pretty clear through their actions.

There is still a pretty good chance that Welch will stick around for the practice squad. He has experience with the team, and between Ross and Simpson, neither has proven they can hang in the NFL yet. Still, as long as both of those two linebackers are healthy, we have to push Welch off the 53-man roster, which is why someone who stuck on the roster all year in 2022 is now ranked 62nd.