Baltimore Ravens 2023 roster ranking: No. 71 Anthony Brown

Kareem Elgazzar-USA TODAY Sports

We are counting down the days until the Baltimore Ravens give us something to watch. Until then, we are counting down the Ravens' roster in 2023. This ranking list looks at who has the best chance to impact wins and losses and which players could make the 2023 roster. We are onto number 71, Anthony Brown.

Baltimore Ravens 2023 roster ranking: No. 71 Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown was a UDFA back in 2022. Had we done the list last year, he may have been a bit lower, but he did find himself not only coming back for a second season, he also made the active roster and got himself a start. Of course, a series of injuries led to the event, but it was still a season with more playing time than expected for Anthony Brown.

That can be seen from his stats. He was sacked five times, picked off twice, and had 44.9% of his passes completed on 49 NFL attempts last season. His play last season is in part why he is not quite as high as number 53, despite making the roster last season.

The play of Anthony Brown made the Baltimore Ravens realize how valuable having depth at quarterback was. So, they extended Lamar Jackson, and they brought back Tyler Huntley, despite rumors that they may balk at his salary.

Beyond that, the Ravens also added Josh Johnson. Johnson is a journeyman and pretty old, but his signing says a lot about what they think about Brown. They do not want to be in a spot where Brown gets on the field as a third-string player next year. They would rather trust the aging veteran.

Even if one of the top three went down, you could imagine that the Ravens will quickly pivot to another veteran now with a new offensive coordinator.

So, the Baltimore Ravens could keep Anthony Brown around, mainly because he is a bit of a project and still has some ceiling to untap. However, the 2023 expectation is that he lands on the practice squad and stays there. That is why he cannot be moved up too much higher on this list.