Baltimore Ravens Roster Ranking 2023: No. 75 DL Trey Botts

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

As we continue counting down until the start of the NFL season, we are also counting down the Baltimore Ravens roster to see which players will have the most significant impact. This list is looking only at the 2023 season and which players have the most value. We are down to number 75, Trey Botts.

Baltimore Ravens Roster Ranking 2023: No. 75 DL Trey Botts

Trey Botts is a UDFA rookie from Colorado State-Pueblo. He was with the team going back to 2017. He redshirted in 2017 and did not play in 2020 due to the pandemic. So, he took a longer path to the NFL. He posted above-average athletic ability, but he is 24 years old and is coming from a small school, so it is not a huge shock that he went undrafted.

Being a UDFA rookie, he can only get so high on this list, but he is at number 75 because he has a better shot to make the roster than some. When you look at the Baltimore Ravens roster, they are a bit thin along the interior defensive line.

They have Justin Madubuike, Broderick Washington, Travis Jones, and Michael Pierce to make the roster. Brent Urban and Angelo Blackson are depth veterans and at this point, both will make the roster, but neither should be locked on the roster. Still, the reality is that the biggest name to be pushing those guys at this moment is Trey Botts.

Considering the age of Blackson and Urban, there is not only a chance of injury but also the thought that the Ravens could get Botts on a longer, cheaper deal if they keep him over e of those two. He has to flash more upside than either, but he also may have some more margin for error than the others.

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There is a good chance that the Ravens would sign another depth veteran if they needed to, but if Botts flashed enough, he could sneak onto the roster. That is why we rank him on the outside, but at least inside the top 75.