Baltimore Ravens roster ranking 2023: No. 74 TE Travis Vokolek

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The countdown until the regular season is on, and we continue our countdown of the Baltimore Ravens' 90-man roster. This is handicapping who has the best shots to make the roster, and if they make it, how big could that impact be on the 2023 season?

Today, we are onto our 74th player, tight end Travis Vokolek

Baltimore Ravens roster ranking 2023: No. 74 TE Travis Vokolek

Travis Vokolek is a UDFA rookie from Nebraska. He spent two years at Rutgers before transferring and spending his last years with the Huskers. His career high in yards was 240 last year, but he is known for blocking. There were snaps where he would be an extra lineman and stay in to block on passing downs.

He is not overly athletic, he took a longer route to the NFL and is a bit older for a rookie, and he lacks passing game upside, which is what made him a UDFA. However, a blocking tight end is actually just what the Baltimore Ravens need.

They have Mark Andrews, who is essentially a slot wideout, and even Isaiah Likely brings little to passing game value. Charlie Kolar is healthy this year, but he is only in his second season and is even known more as a pass catcher. At least, that was the case when he was at Iowa State.

So, if the Baltimore Ravens want to keep a blocking tight end, it may be Travis Vokolek. That has him closer to 70 than 80, but not quite into the 60 either, where the borderline guys are. That is because the Ravens also will be keeping Patrick Ricard. He is a fullback but will serve as the blocking tight end in almost all cases.

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Even Ben Mason technically has more investment and experience than Travis Vokolek. So, the best case for Vokolek may end up being a practice squad player early, but someone who ends up making the roster and getting called up late. Or, at least, sticking around to move up higher on the list next year.