Baltimore Ravens Rumors: 4 bold Lamar Jackson trades with the Colts

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Trade Number 2

In this second deal, the Ravens ask for a much more creative package from the Colts. For starters, the Colts actually keep their no. 4 overall pick. In the end, that could bite the Ravens, but we'll get to that later. Let's take a look at the deal itself.

The trade starts with Baltimore getting another young wide receiver to pair with Rashod Bateman, potentially giving them a lethal one-two punch, should both of them work out together for the long haul. Pittman hasn't yet panned out with Indianapoils just yet, but he's also failed to get the legitimate quarterback play he deserves during his short career.

Should Baltimore figure out the quarterback position going forward, then they'll have a great, young combination at receiver. That is, assuming Bateman stays healthy and can develop the way they envisioned.

The Ravens get a pair of picks this year, coming in the second and third rounds. Those end up at picks 36 and 80, giving Baltimore a second rounder back from the Roquan Smith trade and a pair of picks in the third, now.

Beyond that, the Ravens also get a first rounder in 2024 and a second rounder in 2025. It's a hefty price, but also still only includes one first rounder from Indianapolis.