Baltimore Ravens Rumors: 4 bold Lamar Jackson trades with the Colts

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Trade Number 3

Finally, we come to maybe the most interesting trade scenario of them all. It's one that Bleacher Report's Christopher Knox rumored in his piece on Monday, where he wrote about the Ravens possibly trading Jackson after the draft.

"The Ravens could hold out for more than the two first-round picks by threatening to match Indianapolis' offer sheet but offering to trade Jackson for additional compensation, " Knox wrote. "If Indy stands to improve significantly—therefore making its 2024 and 2025 first-round picks low selections—Baltimore could want a little extra in the deal."

This is a highly-polarizing trade from both ends. For one, if the Colts end up improving greatly with Jackson, then those two first rounders won't be very early. The Ravens could end up with a pair of picks in the back five or 10 of both first rounds.

The other aspect of this is the fact that the Colts keep their first rounder this year, and wind up with someone like Alabama edge rusher Will Anderson, Illinois cornerback Devon Witherspoon, Georgia defensive lineman Jalen Carter, or another one of the top players, to go along with adding Jackson.

My guess is, Ravens fans wouldn't be too thrilled about this deal. Baltimore doesn't get a first rounder this year, and because the trade would take place after the draft, they truly woulnd't get anything for this year, obviously.

Now, on to the fourth and final trade, which Ravens fans could probably end up living with if a trade was imminent.