Baltimore Ravens Rumors: 4 bold Lamar Jackson trades with the Colts

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Trade Number 4

Finally, we come to the big one. This is the type of deal that, if a trade were to be guaranteed to happen, and it was completely unavoidable, the fans would likely end up being able to accept.

There is a lot to unpack, here, for Baltimore. Once again, it's only Jackson headed to the Colts. But, for Baltimore, they end up with the no. 4 overall pick this year. They also get a first rounder next year and a third rounder in 2025.

And, again, Pittman comes to play alongside Bateman.

But, let's focus on that no. 4 overall pick. Assuming Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud go first and second overall, the Ravens could opt to try and find a like replacement for Jackson by going with Anthony Richardson at no. 4. The Arizona Cardinals hold the third overall pick, and barring a trade, there won't be a quarterback taken there.

Between Richardson and Will Levis, it has to be Richardson for the Ravens. Their offense is already built around a mobile quarterback, and Richardson is an athletic freak. Should he go in the top four picks? Maybe, maybe not. But, the Ravens would be giving it their best shot to replace Jackson without having to change a whole lot.

Now, next year, the Ravens will also have a pair of first rounders to continue building. This would be a hefty package for Indianapolis to give up. But, if the Ravens play hard ball, this might be the type of deal to pry Jackson from their fingertips.

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