3 Derrick Henry trades the Ravens should spend big on

Should the Ravens entertain going after the Titans' running back?
Baltimore Ravens, Derrick Henry
Baltimore Ravens, Derrick Henry / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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The Baltimore Ravens are 3-1 and look like the class of the AFC North.

They've also done it, so far, without much of a solidified back field behind Lamar Jackson. It has truly been the Lamar Jackson show, and then everyone else chipping in here and there. With J.K. Dobbins gone for the season and a quadrant of veteran backs left over, the Ravens could use some consistency.

Enter: Derrick Henry.

The Tennessee Titans shopped Henry early this past offseason and appear ready to move into the Tyjae Spears era, here, soon. But, Henry still looks as though he can give elite production for this season, and maybe even next. His contract runs out after this year, though, and the Titans will be moving on.

If the Ravens wanted to go after Henry and further their hopes for a championship, they should look at one of these trades.

Trade Number 1: The Titans keep it simple and offer a pick for Derrick Henry

This first deal is pretty basic, as the Titans ask for a pick in return for their stud running back. Now, it's a bit of a risky trade on Baltimore's part because a third-round pick for a 30-year-old running back is not a trade you'd normally see. The running back landscape has changed significantly over the years, and it's not a position teams typically spend up on.

Henry trade 1

But, Henry is a special case. He has been arguably the most dominant running back in the league over the past five or so seasons. If he's still going at an elite pace, Henry can offer this Ravens team exactly what they need to make a Super Bowl run this season.

If the Ravens give up a third rounder in order to win a Super Bowl, I would say that is well-worth the gamble.