3 Derrick Henry trades the Ravens should spend big on

Should the Ravens entertain going after the Titans' running back?

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Trade Number 3: The Ravens go player-for-player in a risky trade

Finally, in the most risky trade of all (at least in the short-term) the Ravens could choose to part with linebacker Patrick Queen in a simple player-for-player deal. Queen is in the final year of his contract and by all accounts, he'll be gone after this season.

However, the Ravens' defense has been one of the best in football and Queen is a huge part of the reason why. In four games, he already has 36 tackles, 2.0 sacks, four tackles for loss, three quarterback hits and a pass defensed.

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The Ravens don't seem inclined to keeping Queen around, especially after they drafted a pair of linebackers in this year's draft. Both Trenton Simpson (third round) and Tavius Robinson (fourth round) look to be part of this unit's future, and that, along with financials, is a big reason why Queen will likely be allowd to walk in free agency.

This way, the Ravens get a piece in return that they can also use just for this year, unless they opt to extend Henry on another one or two-year deal. Queen is a great player, but if he's ultimately going to be gone after the season, maybe it's worth the risk in trading him straight-up for Henry.