Baltimore Ravens Rumors: 3 Patrick Queen trade packages with Vikings

Baltimore Ravens, Patrick Queen
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The Baltimore Ravens have gone from one saga to another, here after the 2023 NFL Draft.

The Draft began after the Ravens were able to finally reach a long-term contract with star quarterback Lamar Jackson, putting a lot of restless minds at ease. That deal is, in fact, finalized now, too.

But, the Ravens have another situation at hand, and one that could end not-so-nicely unlike the Jackson story. Veteran linebacker Patrick Queen had his fifth-year option declined by the team, and was also less than excited about the Ravens drafting Clemson linebacker Trenton Simpson in the third round of the draft a week ago.

It seems as though Queen's time with the Ravens organization is just about up, and Baltimore could have him play out his final season this year, or they could opt to trade him. It might actually make more sense to trade him, just to get something back for a guy they probably won't pay.

One team that makes a lot of sense for Queen is the Minnesota Vikings, who have turned over that defense since last season and need to continue making moves toward leveling-up that unit.

Trade Number 1: The Ravens trade Patrick Queen to the Vikings for a draft pick swap

This first trade is pretty simple. The Vikings need another playmaker on that defense, but they don't have a third-round pick in 2024, which would have been ideal and fair value for Queen.

So, they trade a second-round pick in 2024 in exchange for the veteran linebacker and a fourth-round pick. The Ravens get solid value for a player they won't be re-signing, in all likelihood, and Minnesota makes a much-needed move to stay atop the NFC North.

If this is a bit too rich for the Vikings, then maybe the Ravens could try asking for something a little more mild, as we look into with this next trade package.