Baltimore Ravens Rumors: 3 Patrick Queen trade packages with Vikings

Baltimore Ravens, Patrick Queen
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Baltimore Ravens, Patrick Queen, Dalvin Cook
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Trade Number 3: The Ravens trade Patrick Queen to the Vikings in a spicy player-for-player deal

Finally, the Ravens and Vikings could pull off quite the polarizing trade. Baltimore loves running the football, and the Vikings have long been rumored to try and trade their star running back, Dalvin Cook. So, why not work out a pure player-for-player deal?

Sure, the Ravens have J.K. Dobbins, Gus Edwareds and Justice Hill. But, if you look at the last few seasons, their running back depth has been completely obliterated by injuries, multiple times. Dobbins' health is not a guarantee, and Edwards has also had a serious injury as well.

Giving the Ravens depth like this could put them over the top, and if they could find a way to get two of these three backs on the field at the same time, creatively, this offense could be explosive. Picture some sort of formation with Cook, Dobbins, Beckham and Flowers. There's no telling who the defense would have to focus on, and that's also not even mentioning Jackson under center.

There are no draft picks involved. These are two players their respective organizations are going to move on from. It actually makes a lot of sense. Who says no?

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