Baltimore Ravens: 3 surprise trades to make during 2023 NFL Draft

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Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson
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Surprise Trade Number 3: The Baltimore Ravens trade Lamar Jackson to the Atlanta Falcons

Finally, this is more of a dream scenario for two teams. First of all, the Atlanta Falcons need help at quarterback, and will likely take one at no. 8 if one of the top four are on the board. However, if you think for a second about the possibility of pairing Lamar Jackson with Kyle Pitts and Drake London, it could send chills down the spines of NFC South opponents.

The Ravens would get two first-round picks in any instance where another team offers Jackson a contract tender which he signs, and Baltimore decides not to match. So, here we see a deal happen where the Ravens could get two firsts, plus an additional pick to boot.

The Falcons get their franchise quarterback which immediately changes the trajectory of their organization. Meanwhile, the Ravens will likley be able to take one of the top four quarterbacks at pick no. 8.

Not only that, but Baltimore still has their own first rounder at pick no. 22 to work with later in the round, where they could add a player to fill one of the bigger needs like edge rusher, wide receiver or cornerback.

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