Baltimore Ravens Rumors: Top 3 teams in competition for DeAndre Hopkins

Baltimore Ravens, DeAndre Hopkins
Baltimore Ravens, DeAndre Hopkins / Norm Hall/GettyImages
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The Ravens will have to compete with the New York Jets to sign DeAndre Hopkins

The New York Jets will be this season's "new hotness," at least until they prove to be otherwise. Ever since landing Aaron Rodgers, the Jets are now one of those teams to watch in the AFC. The conference is absolutley loaded, but with a quarteback like Rodgers under center, the rest of the AFC has a legitimate reason to worry about this franchise.

Rodgers is accustomed to playing with guys like Hopkins for the majority of his career, already. Look at the bigger-bodied wide receivers like Davante Adams and Jordy Nelson, both of whom enjoyed plenty of success with Rodgers.

One area where Rodgers has a ton of success is anywhere he can throw a back shoulder type of route, and Adams made a living off demoralizing defensive backs on those routes with Rodgers throwing him the ball. Nelson did a lot of the same.

Hopkins' skillset fits that exact type. Get inside the red zone, have Hopkins run a quick out into the corner of the end zone, or a fade, and Rodgers will put it right on the money. It's going to be hard not to want to play for New York, if you're Hopkins.