Baltimore Ravens Rumors: Top 3 teams in competition for DeAndre Hopkins

Baltimore Ravens, DeAndre Hopkins
Baltimore Ravens, DeAndre Hopkins / Norm Hall/GettyImages
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The Ravens will have to compete with the Buffalo Bills to sign DeAndre Hopkins

As of right now, the Bills are a +300 favorite to sign Hopkins. Coming off a disappointing end to their 2022 season and a humbling loss in the playoffs to Joe Burrow and the Bengals, Buffalo is now turning their attention to a Super Bowl run this coming year.

They have the personnel to do it, and are a very well-rounded team on both sides of the ball. Josh Allen is obviously the main reason why Hopkins would want to join Buffalo. He's even alluded to wanting to catch passes from Allen, listing him as one of the top five quarterbacks he'd love to play with before his career is up.

The kicker, for Buffalo, is that they already have an All Pro caliber receiver in Stefon Diggs. Can you imagine if they had two of those, with Allen under center? That would be an unfair predicament for any opposing defense to have to deal with. Plus, you have to deal with Allen's legs as well. And, Buffalo is a very good running team. They're committed to that aspect of offense, too.

Buffalo will definitely look appealing to Hopkins, and Baltimore is going to be up against it with Brandon Beane and the Bills.