Baltimore Ravens Rumors: 3 trades involving LB Patrick Queen

Baltimore Ravens, Patrick Queen
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The writing appears to be on the wall for Baltimore Ravens linebacker Patrick Queen. The team declined his fifth-year option, putting his future in doubt. Any contract talks, now, could lead no where, especially after what happened last weekend.

Having drafted Clemson's Trenton Simpson in the third round of the 2023 NFL Draft, the Ravens now see a clear path to Queen's replacement.

In Baltimore's mind, why discuss a contract for a guy you clearly cannot pay, after having paid Roquan Smith, and especially after finding a replacement to line up next to Smith? It doesn't make sense. Even if Queen has a big season in Baltimore, that will only make things sting more watching him leave via free agency.

Having said that, there are a few trade scenarios the Ravens should entertain as soon as possible, simply to move on and find value for a guy before they lose him for nothing in 2024.

The Ravens could trade Patrick Queen to the Houston Texans

This would be a dream scenario for new Houston Texans head coach DeMeco Ryans. Having been a staple in Houston's defense for so long, Ryans comes to his new gig with a strong defensive background and is going to try and instill a toughness within that side of the ball that Houston hasn't seen yet.

Getting a linebacker like Queen would be a heck of a start, and if the Texans pulled off a move like this, one would think Houston would give Queen a new deal. So, investing a third-round pick into a guy who can help lead your defense for years to come would end up being a tremendous value for Ryans and the Texans.

Houston definitely has a need at linebacker, too, and adding some speed would help the unit in a big way, especially going up against AFC South running backs like Derrick Henry, Jonathan Taylor and Travis E'Tienne. A mere third rounder for a 23-year-old rangy linebacker with a well-rounded skillset? I'm sure you could sign the Texans up for that.