3 trades the Ravens could make to solidify back field

Could the Ravens be buyers at the trade deadline?

Baltimore Ravens, Jonathan Taylor
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Trade Number 2: Baltimore could try and land Josh Jacobs

Taking a step up from the likes of Foreman, the Ravens could call the Raiders about last year's rushing leader, Josh Jacobs, who has recently spoken up about his frustrations with the organization. Jacobs, along with teammate Davante Adams, has been unhappy with where Las Vegas has been heading. He's tired of losing.

That could all change if he was dealt to the Ravens, though. His tough running style combined with an ability to catch the football would mesh well with Baltimore's offense, which has historically depended on a myriad of running backs and running the football often.

Jacobs trade

This season has gotten off to a rough start not just for Jacobs, but the Raiders altogether. He's rushed 62 times for just 166 yards (2.7 average) through four weeks. Giving Jacobs a fresh start on a team that's got a Super Bowl on their mind could change that trajectory in a hurry.

If Baltimore had to give up a fourth rounder for a one-year rental, that might seem kind of expensive. Although, they could always try and work out a deal to keep him around a little longer.