4 first year Baltimore Ravens who may not get a second chance

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The Baltimore Ravens are a team that preaches patience and building through the draft. However, they have to know as soon as anyone when it is time to call it and move on. While the Ravens are not typically a team to turn to another direction so quickly, these four players got a chance with the Ravens last season, and we may not see them get a legitimate chance again.

4. Jalyn Armour-Davis is being phased out by Baltimore Ravens

Jalyn Armour-Davis was a fourth-round pick, so expectations were never too high. However, most would agree that he is now in a worse spot on the roster today than he was just last season. The team did not want to get him on the field early, but he ended up playing a decent amount in week two and then starting in week three of his rookie season.

Against the Dolphins, PFF tagged him for 69 yards on five catches. Then, the Patriots had a week to prepare for him, and they exposed him as he gave up two catches for 71 yards in his first career start. He was benched nine snaps into the game, after allowing those two catches on just five snaps.

That is the last time we saw Jalyn Armour-Davis. You could say that the lights were too bright for him as a rookie and he may end up better off in his second NFL season. However, it does not seem like the Baltimore Ravens agree with that sentiment.

They added Trayvon Mullen and Rock-Ya Sin in free agency, and then they drafted Kyu Blu Kelly. You can say that the Ravens drafted Kelly in a slot after Armour-Davis last year, but at the same time, they said they had a grade on him Kelly that suggested a round-three player.

Either way, the sentiment is the number of guys they brought in. If Jalyn Armour-Davis separates himself from the pack, that is great. However, the Ravens are not planning on it, and making sure they have plenty of options if he is not ready.