The Baltimore Ravens should phase out this defender

Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Arthur Maulet has helped out the Baltimore Ravens in a big way. They signed him late into training camp, mainly because of injuries in the slot. He got hurt along the way and was not in the mix until week three. Still, he held it down and added a couple of sacks and an interception. He also had some key pressures that resulted in turnovers and game-changing stops.

Arthur Maulet is struggling for the Baltimore Ravens

However, it may be time for the Baltimore Ravens to upgrade from him. Maulet has been the worst Ravens cornerback on the defense. He is allowing 9.2 yards per target and 1.23 yards per coverage snap. The next closest defender on the Ravens this year is 7.7 yards per target and 0.91 yards per snap and they are different players. The gap between Maulet and the next worst cornerback on the roster in coverage is significant. 

This has been exposed in recent weeks and it week 14 it was highlighted because Kyle Hamilton was out, and Maulet had to start taking every snap in the slot. So, the Ravens could not hide him anymore. 

Maulet gave up to 71 yards to Cooper Kupp, most of the big catches allowed in his big day. The Ravens may be without Kyle Hamilton for the next week or so, but they do still have a chance to move on from Maulet. 

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The Ravens could activate Pepe WIlliams from the IR. They have to do that this week to ensure he does not stay on the IR for the entire season. The timing could not come any better as it looks like Maulet is not quite ready to hold things down anymore and the team needed reinforcements. 

Do not be surprised if we end up seeing less Arthur Maulet over the next four weeks, even with Kyle Hamilton potentially missing time.