3 reasons Baltimore Ravens may not sign DeAndre Hopkins

Rob Schumacher/The Republic / USA TODAY
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When the Arizona Cardinals announced that they were releasing DeAndre Hopkins, the Baltimore Ravens instantly shot up to being one of the names that many connected to Hopkins. Lamar Jackson said he wanted Hopkins to come to Baltimore, and Hopkins said he wanted to play with Jackson. While it seems like it could be that simple, there are other questions that would need to be answered.

There is a chance that Hopkins does sign with the Ravens, but there are other teams who may cause that not to happen. What are the most likely reasons that DeAndre Hopkins will not sign with the Baltimore Ravens?

3. Baltimore Ravens filled out their wide receiver room

If you remember the timing of Lamar Jackson requesting his team add DeAndre Hopkins, that was back before the 2023 NFL Draft. Now, Jackson surely would not mind if Hopkins signed with the team, but the tune has changed a bit, and the demands have definitely lowered.

That is because his initial demand was Odell Beckham and DeAndre Hopkins. The Ravens added Beckham, which did a lot in helping the team re-sign Jackson. Still, while Jackson also wanted Hopkins, they did get him Zay Flowers in the first round instead. So, instead of Beckham and Hopkins, it is Beckham and Flowers, and you have not heard Jackson complain.

If the Ravens drafted a cornerback in round one, the noise about Hopkins to the Ravens would be so loud it would be all that you hear. However, it does appear that the Ravens and Jackson compromised that they would not get Hopkins, and his salary, but rather draft Flowers, who is much cheaper.

Even beyond Zay Flowers, the Ravens are hoping for a big year from Rashod Bateman. When Bateman plays he is a legitimate threat, the question is health with him. However, Lamar Jackson has been praising him, and adding to his confidence.

The Ravens see that they have three wide receivers, and then Mark Andrews. Hopkins sees it too. He sees that the Chiefs may have worse receivers, and aside from Stefon Diggs, he would be higher on the Bills' totem pole as well. If the Ravens do want Hopkins, he would have to compromise, and likely accept lesser stats. We will see if that is how he feels.