3 reasons Baltimore Ravens may not sign DeAndre Hopkins

Rob Schumacher/The Republic / USA TODAY
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Baltimore Ravens, DeAndre Hopkins
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2. DeAndre Hopkins is getting to the age where Baltimore Ravens should not pay

We are not saying that DeAndre Hopkins has fallen off. However, he is 30 years old now, and he only played 19 games of the past 34. That is about the age when players start to decline, so the timing is not too surprising. Some of the missed time has to do with a suspension, but when the suspension is performance-enhancing drugs, it only adds questions about his stability.

It is one thing to bet on one player like this in Beckham. However, betting on both Beckham and Hopkins is a bit optimistic. So, even if Hopkins is better than Bateman or Flowers in the first few weeks of hte season, by the end of the season the team is going to want Flowers and Bateman to be the future, and the guys that are taking over the room.

That is because their best days are ahead of them, but beyond that, they also will be making much less than someone like Hopkins. Bateman is on a rookie salary which was a four-year, $12M deal. Zay Flowers is just barley higher with a $14M deal over the first four years of his deal.

For Hopkins, the Ravens would be paying about that much in a single season. So, if the need was there, it may be worth paying. However, paying Hopkins more than Flowers and Bateman when you really want Flowers and Bateman to step up and be the man over Hopkins does not quite add up.

The younger players are far more valuable in their progression. Having one player like Beckham is fine, but adding another in Hopkins would start to push the youth out.