3 reasons Baltimore Ravens may not sign DeAndre Hopkins

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Baltimore Ravens, DeAndre Hopkins
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1. Baltimore Ravens lack cap space, and have other needs

It is fair that the Baltimore Ravens can make the DeAndre Hopkins contract work. They used void years with Odell Beckham to reduce the cap hit in year one, and they could do the same with Hopkins to squeeze him into the salary cap. The issue with that is that one day it will catch up the team.

The Ravens have to decide to either extend the aging Odell Beckham or eat a bad cap hit next year. That will come when Lamar Jackson sees his cap number jump as well. So, the Ravens could make it work short term, but it would hurt them much more in the long term.

While this can happen, and they can kick the can down the road again next year, they also have other needs that may be more pressing. They still have plenty of questions at cornerback, and Angelo Blackson does not answer all questions on the defensive line.

With Daelin Hayes out of the mix, the team will likely add a Justin Houston-type of edge rusher at some point. Needless to say, these holes will not cost as much as Hopkins to fix, but the combination is probably what the Hopkins' salary will go to.

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Somehow, the receiver position went from the biggest need position to a pretty solid area of strength. The Ravens have some cap space, but it would take gymnastics to fit in DeAndre Hopkins. When you add in the other needs on the roster, they may want to save their money for a different big name who could shake free later this offseason.