5 Baltimore Ravens starters who likely played their last snap with the team 

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3. The Baltimore Ravens will not re-sign Geno Stone

The Baltimore Ravens are not going to re-sign Geno Stone. If they did, they would have to be releasing Marcus Williams first. It is clear that these two cannot play together, and Stone sputtered down at the end of the season when he had to move from free safety into the box as a strong safety.

Despite being one of the highest interception players of the year, Stone hardly played in the playoffs because he did not have a role. Now, he will leave via free agency.

The Ravens could not play him because he was a free safety stuck in the strong safety role. As a free safety, his market should remain robust. Teams will be all over his ball skills, and Stone is coming off of minimum salary deals, so he would be smart to jump on the best offer with the most guaranteed money. 

Stone was a great help when Williams went down, but now he is too good to be depth for the Ravens. Look for him to play somewhere else next year.