5 Baltimore Ravens starters who likely played their last snap with the team 

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2. Jadeveon Clowney will not return to the Baltimore Ravens 

Jadeveon Clowney turned out to be the most underrated signing of them all. He posted a career-high 9.5 sacks this year, which is pretty surprising considering his age and the fact that he was coming off of a poor year in 2022. Whatever it was, it was the best we saw of him, and it came at the right time for Baltimore. 

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Clowney has moved around in recent years, and he is not afraid to leave a good situation for more money. This year, he will be a free agent, and coming off the best stats of his career, he will want to cash in. The Ravens cannot do that. 

They do not have the cap space, plus it seems like a crazy bet to think that Clowney could repeat this magical year at the age he is. If Clowney wanted to come back on a team-friendly deal, he would become a legend in Baltimore. However, the odds are that he will play just one season with the Ravens and move on.