3 Baltimore Ravens who have to step up for the Keaton Mitchell injury 

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The Baltimore Ravens lost Keaton Mitchell at the worst time. He was just recovering from an injury, and it started to look like he was finding his groove as a rusher. This was adding a dynamic layer that the Ravens simply did not have before the playoffs started. 

Now, it will take a group effort to fill in for what he brought to the table. Which players have to step up, and what roles do they have to fill?

3. The Baltimore Ravens need explosive plays out of Justice Hill 

The Baltimore Ravens immediately reduced Justice Hill's snaps when Keaton Mitchell started to get into the mix. Now, they will have to work him back in. 

Hill went from 43% of the snaps and 25% of the rushing work to 29% of the snaps and 8% of the rush work. That is because the Ravens started to primarily use him as a passing down back. Not only that, he excelled in the two-minute warning, mainly because of his blocking. His route participation went down from 41% to 28% after week 10 when Mitchell got integrated into the lineup. 

Hill is a far better blocker, but Mitchell had 93 yards on nine catches and 51 routes ran. Meanwhile, Hill had 85 yards on 173 routes. That is 1.82 yards per route run compared to 0.49 for Hill. 

Worse than that, Hill has three rushes that generated 15 yards on 71 rushing attempts. Mitchell has 47 attempts and seven rushes that have gone over 15 yards already. Mitchell has a 60.6% breakaway run rate, while Hill is at 19.2%. 

Justice Hill is now going to be their all-passing down player, and he has the most juice of the running backs on the roster. They have to lean on him here.