3 Baltimore Ravens who have to step up for the Keaton Mitchell injury 

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2. The Baltimore Ravens were reducing the workload from Gus Edwards

Keaton Mitchell was an obvious replacement for Justice Hill when you factored in the role that they were playing. However, as Mitchell started to get more work with the offense, you also saw him dip into Gus Edwards's work. 

Edwards has a pretty consistent role for the ten or 11 weeks, but by week 12, you saw Mitchell work into it and get more every-down carries. Edwards went from 46% of the snaps in the first 11 games to 31% after that. He also went from 45% of the rushing attempts to 34%.

Some notable differences were seeing his inside the five rushes go from 52% to 33% and his short down and distance snaps went from 56% to 42%. Even his long down and distance snaps went from 31% to 13% over that span. All of that is going to come back. 

Edwards will handle the majority of the work. We have seen that Hill is not as effective and should remain a passing down and two-minute player. This could open a lot of work for Gus Edwards.