5 Baltimore Ravens who stepped up to beat Cincinnati Bengals

The Ravens relied on big performances to beat the Bengals

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Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens
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3. Lamar Jackson stepped up for the Baltimore Ravens when it counted

As we noted in the Patrick Mekari discussion, Lamar Jackson was the second highest-graded player beyond Nelson Agholor. Lamar did everything in this game.

Jackson got the ball out quickly and tested the deep areas of the field. He also held onto the football when he needed to and extended the play to make things happen.

Jackson hit six completions over 10 yards in the air for 127 yards. He also was 18-22 passing the ball under 10 yards. The biggest play of the game may have been a 3rd down scramble for 12 yards to move the chains right before the two-minute warning. The Ravens were up three and were able to close out the game from there.

It is a reminder that when Lamar Jackson is healthy, the Ravens win football games. They are typically in first place when Jackson goes down, and Jackson always has success against the Bengals. It should not have been a surprise, but when you hear that Jackson will be without key starters on the offensive line it is easy to get nervous. However, Sunday is why Jackson gets paid so much.