5 Baltimore Ravens who stepped up to beat Cincinnati Bengals

The Ravens relied on big performances to beat the Bengals

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Rock Ya-Sin, Baltimore Ravens
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1. The Baltimore Ravens cornerbacks showed up to beat the Cincinnati Bengals

With Marlon Humphrey out and Ja'Marr Chase and Tee Higgins coming to town, there were serious concerns about how the secondary would hold up. They passed the test with gaudy numbers.

Beyond Humphrey being out, the Ravens were also planning to shuffle Rock Ya-Sin in with Ronald Darby throughout the game, an interesting choice. It worked out in a big way.

Stephens played all 60 snaps, and he had his issues with Higgins at times. However, Darby and Ya-Sin played 35 and 25 snaps respectively, to fill the 60 snaps on the other side. They were mainly responsible for Ja'Marr Chase. It was a group effort between the two, but they held him in check and did exactly what they needed to.

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Darby only allowed 15 yards while Ya-Sin was responsible for 13. Ya-Sin also had a key pass breakup in the end zone against Chase. The two are both working back from injuries, so to get a full effort from both, they did not ask either to play a full game. They came out healthy with a win, so there are no complaints about the play of these two.

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