3 Baltimore Ravens who stepped up with their best game to beat Cincinnati Bengals

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The Baltimore Ravens beat the Cincinnati Bengals handily 34-13. The Ravens did get the benefit of not playing Joe Burrow, but they did see Burrow for the first half, and they still made sure they put this Bengals team away late. 

We saw the best game from some of these Ravens, which could be a good sign moving forward. 

3. Odell Beckham had the best game of his career for the Baltimore Ravens 

Odell Beckham had his best game with the Ravens by a good bit. The Ravens wideout was averaging 32.3 yards per game coming into the night and finished with 116 yards on four catches in this game. 

What is so nice about the catches Beckham made was the impact that they had. While he did not score a touchdown, he was a presence on three of the four Ravens' touchdown drives. They scored on their first drive with Mark Andrews healthy. 

After Andrews went down, it became time for Beckham to step up. Beckham had a 29-yard catch on the Ravens' second touchdown drive. He had a 15-yard catch followed by a 21-yard catch on the drive before halftime that gave them a 21-10 lead at the half. 

Then, late in the game, he put things away with a 51-yard catch that gave the Ravens their final touchdown and put the game away for good. He got called for a weak holding call on what could have been a huge touchdown catch for Zay Flowers. The play did not count, but we should recognize that Beckham should not have had the foul. 

Beckham had ice on his shoulder after the game, which has to be monitored because his presence was impactful. 

This is everything that the Ravens expected and wanted from Beckham when they signed him.