4 Baltimore Ravens who stepped up to beat the Tennessee Titans

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The Baltimore Ravens looked like the better team and handled business with a 24-13 win over the Tennessee Titans. It got rocky at portions in the third quarter, and it took a team effort, but the team moves to 4-2 overall. Who were the Ravens that made this a team effort and stepped up to win the game?

4. Justin Tucker was the MVP for the Baltimore Ravens

It might have happened a little too often, as it tends to do, but the Baltimore Ravens leaned on Justin Tucker in a big way this week. When you see that the Ravens scored 24 points, you may think the offense found the end zone a few times. However, one touchdown was complemented by six field goals, which tied his career high. Tucker has only had six field goals just once in his career, so this was a memorable day for him. It is worth noting that the other six-field goal game was in a dome, so this was a different experience being this automatic in London on a different surface.

Some of the fans will look at this and blame the offense. A lot of these field goals were chip shots because the offense got to the red zone, and things fell apart. Still, you have to love the consistent reliability that comes from a Hall of Fame type of kicker. Too many times, the fans are made because Tucker made such a notable appearance, but you can also take some time to tip the cap and respect that he came out and had another workman-like day and went 6-6 from deep.

Jordan Stout and the rest of the Ravens special teams get a small nod as well. A punt right before the half was muffed by Kyle Phillips. Del'Shawn Phillips recovered, and the Ravens got a quick three points before halftime to take the lead from 15-3 to 18-3. The team won the game on the back of multiple key special teams plays.