Baltimore Ravens: Stock up, stock down after Week 1 win

Which Baltimore Ravens players had their stock trend up or down following their performance in the regular season opener against the Houston Texans?
Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens
Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens / Patrick Smith/GettyImages
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Stock Up: WR Zay Flowers

Are we sure this dude is a rookie? Seriously?

What a debut for Flowers, who was the most-targeted Raven on Sunday getting 10 looks from Lamar of which he hauled in nine for receptions amounting to 78 yards.

Flowers added nine yards on two carries and was the best pass catcher on the field.

You'd wonder how it is possible that C.J. Stroud went no. 2 to the Houston Texans in the 2023 NFL Draft while Flowers dropped all the way down to the 22nd spot where the Ravens snatched a gem and the potential Offensive ROY.

The freshman paced every receiver by a good chunk with Rashod Bateman getting the second-most receptions with three, and Flowers also racked up more than double Odell Beckham's yards (37).