3 Baltimore Ravens who will be tested most against Houston Texans

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2. Will the Baltimore Ravens follow Nico Collins?

The Baltimore Ravens have a big question at cornerback entering the AFC Divisional round. The Houston Texans have one wide receiver who can make things tough. Nico Collins has been dominant in recent weeks, and just last game, he torched the Cleveland Browns' talented secondary.

At times, the Ravens' secondary has played better than Cleveland, but they also have some issues. First, Marlon Humphrey has a calf injury that may make him questionable for this game. At the very least, it will make them hesitate to have him follow Collins. So, Brandon Stephens will get him for most of the game. 

Stephens had a bad game against Brandon Aiyuk in the Ravens dominant win over the 49ers. He missed week 18, and while he played well in week 18, it was Mason Rudolph in the rain. 

Now, Stephens sees Nico Collins, a similar style of receiver to Aiyuk, and CJ Stroud, one of the hottest quarterbacks in the NFL. The Texans offensive coordinator is also from the 49ers coaching tree. They will test Brandon Stephens this week. Will Stephens step up?