3 Baltimore Ravens who will be tested most against Houston Texans

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1. The Baltimore Ravens need their wide receivers to step up

The Houston Texans' passing defense has been a sore spot for them at times, but it is starting to click at the right time. A lot of that comes down to the return of Derek Stingley. Stingley missed weeks three through nine this season. After shaking the rust off in week 10, Stingley has ranked second best in coverage grade across the NFL since week 11. He has five interceptions, six pass breakups, and nine forced incompletions. 

Now, the question is whether he will follow Odell Beckham or not. Zay Flowers moves around a lot, and Beckham has been the big play threat on the outside. If they shut down Beckham in a one-on-one, they can get the extra brackets onto Zay Flowers. This would help their secondary immensely.

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Odell Beckham has been great in recent weeks, but they have played him sparingly as well to keep him healthy. Does he get a full game, and does he get unleashed for the playoffs, or is there not another gear like there once was? We will find out on Sunday for sure.